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Atown VB Academy

The Academy

Boys and Girls

STARTING 2nd full week of November ALL Academy Programs will go to regular practice schedule.  If you have registered your player there will be an email send to the email you listed on the registration for with upcoming information, and more.

We offer two locations:
 Anderson, SC &
Piedmont, SC (Velocity Sports)

Atown Volleyball Academy provides an alternative to participating in a travel club while still enjoying and learning volleyball. AVA is a little different than most programs: we work on building blocks and players get to participate in our Friendship tournaments. We understand that being an athlete is a life commitment, but we also understand that being home with family and being involved in other interests is also important.  

The Academy is a 5 month program that runs November through March with an average of 2 practices a week and 1 local tournament a month.

The Academy practices include: 

  • Core training 
  • Skill Breakdowns
  • Speed/Agility 
  • Team practice 

The core, agility, speed, and skill breakdown trainings are as an academy;  then players are assessed by age and skill level into teams.   All trainings/tournaments are local. 

Players experience game situations in the monthly Friendship tournaments. 


Select "Anderson" or "Velocity" tabs for specific site details in regards to practice days, practice times, price and more.

What AVA Coaches Say:

"I absolutely love coaching! Teaching girls about a sport that I love so much is the best way to end a day! Seeing my players get excited about being active and learning about volleyball is the best feeling in the world! I've always had the most amazing coaches who inspired me through how they’ve coached. I’ve grown up around Atown and have been playing under Coach Freeze since I was 10. She brought me to Atown and I’ve been under her wing ever since!"  Hadley S.

What Parents Say:

"We moved to Anderson area in 2015. Since our daughter didn't get much playing time her 7th grade year, we signed her up for the Atown academy. There she learned and developed as an athlete. She gained more knowledge, skills, and confidence to play. Her 8th grade year she went back to the same school and was on the starting line up.  The text Atown season she played on a travel team. Then her 9th grade year she moved to one of the most competitive schools in our region for volleyball. She tried out for TLH and made the team, as a starter. She then played for Atown’s extreme travel team. For her 10th grade year she had to tryout again and was still able to make the team and be a starter.  We are so thankful for Atown, Coach freeze and her team of coaches credit for her skill development and knowledge of the game. We also are so grateful for Atown’s commitment to their athletes, serving the community and keeping Christ first. Such an amazing program! We look forward to playing for Atown throughout her high school career!" Stephanie E.

Angela Freeze

Atown VB Director

Phone: 864-221-9244