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Atown Volleyball Junior Programs

Our mission is to 

Advance Individual Athletes
Building Team Players for Life!


We offer year-round programs for juniors:

  • travel for boys and girls
  • local non travel clubs for boys and girls
  • indoor and outdoor tournaments
  • summer and school camps 
  • private sessions

Fall/Winter Programs 2019/2020

Atown Volleyball

Ambassador Travel 

•Orange (1 day tournaments)

•Black (1-2 day tournaments)

•Gray (2-3 day tournaments)

Academy non-Travel 

Local Friendship Tournaments

Atown Open House

Come see what Atown is about, meet Angela and the staff!

October 27, 2019

3-5 PM (Info meeting 4:00)

Anderson Civic Center


Why Atown?

  Atown Volleyball

  • is a locally owned family oriented business in Anderson, SC
  • offers ambassador travel and academy non-travel teams
  • all teams have the opportunity to participate in tournaments
  • sets teams up for success by building upon the individual athlete
  • builds the athlete individually - physically, mentally, emotionally 
  • teaches skills and knowledge
  • provides consistent quality coaching
  • assists with recruiting their athletes to college programs
  • offers specialized programs during the year to keep skills sharp and players motivated
  • takes a personal interest in their athletes by connecting during off  season

#Atownontheroad #Atownfam #AtownWeAreAPplNotAPlace

Atown VB is committed to growing individuals

in volleyball and life!  

ATown Academy Placements 2019-20

Court Evaluations and Placements for Anderson and Velocity:       

(Please note the different venues for Anderson)

Anderson Atown Academy

3rd- 5th grades Monday October 28 
ES (current 3rd/4th/5th) ~ Check in 4:30p, evals 5:00p-6:00p
Location: First Baptist, Anderson

**Make Up Evals ~ Monday November 4th (Same Time)

6th-11th grades Tuesday October 29 
HS (current 9th/10th/11th) ~ Check in 5:00p, evals 5:30p-7:30p
MS (current 6th/7th/8th) ~ Check in 6:00p, evals 6:30-8:30p  Location: Boulevard Baptist, Anderson

**Make Up Evals ~ Tuesday November 5th (Same Times)

Velocity Atown Academy

3rd- 7th grades Monday November 4th  (Return Nov.5th)
ES/MS (current 3rd-7th) ~ 4:30p-6:30p
Location: Velocity sports, Piedmont

8th-10th grades Monday November 4th (Return Nov.5th)
HS (current 8th-10th) ~ 6:30p-8:30p
Location: Velocity sports, Piedmont

ATown Ambassador Tryouts

All tryouts & practices held at:
Velocity 100 Powers Blvd Piedmont SC

12U-14U Tuesday October 22nd 
12U/13U ~ Check in 5:00p, 5:30p-7:30p
14U ~ Check in 6:00p, 6:30-8:30p
*Make-Up Tryout Thursday October 24th (Email to schedule)


15U-18U Tuesday November 12th 
15/16U ~ Check in 6:00p, 6:30p-8:30p
17/18U ~ Check in 4:30p, 5:00p-7:30p
*Make-Up Tryout Thursday November 14th (Email to schedule)


**NOTE: Due to HS championships an additional date after athletes have finish their high school commitment will be assigned.  Any athlete still in season is not allowed to tryout for club until the end of their season.

What Parents Say:

"A-Town Volleyball Academy is a different kind of volleyball club! Coach Angela Freeze's mission to increase the skill level of each INDIVIDUAL player on the team is what makes this club different. My son was on a team of players with varying abilities-from first year beginning players to elite athletes with many years of experience. EVERY player was coached to advance HIS individual skill level. The beginners were not left out of training; as they increased their basic skills to become contributing members of the team. Advanced players were given much opportunity to advance their skills as their skills increased throughout the training. Along with volleyball skills, the team received speed and agility training to increase their overall athletic ability. 

I saw more growth in my son's athleticism and volleyball skills in one season than I have seen over several past seasons.

This philosophy of coaching each individual player at his level created a team that increased in competitiveness throughout the season. Each player on the team was able to hold their own and contribute their skills during tournament action. A-Town Volleyball  players were expected to show good sportsmanship and team unity throughout the season. Respect for coaches, officials and fellow players is expected. The coaches love their team and it shows. A-Town Volleyball Academy truly builds all around athletes--mind, body and spirit!" Michelle W.

What Parents Say:

"I admit, I was one of those parents that rolled their eyes about club paying parents...that is until I had my own reason to try it out. After years of playing school ball and getting little playing time on varsity. We really wanted our oldest daughter to get to play and not sit out for her senior year. At Atown, we were blown away at how she grew as an individual player, making life long friends with her teammates and having coaches  who “got” her. At ATown you don’t hear coaches yelling at players because of mistakes, instead you find them pulling girls out of the game to teach them what is wrong with their form etc..then putting them back in the game and helping them get it right the next time. I will have my third daughter going through the program this year and I love to see how they have thrived under this type of coaching!

Thank you ATown! We love you!"  Sharla G.


Angela Freeze

Atown VB Director

Phone: 864-221-9244