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Covid Policy

Atownvb MUST be notified IMMEDIATELY if player or family member has any of the following that apply:


  • Slight fever. (if during session if slight fever or issue the child will be asked to leave)
  • Sign of fatigue or achy body that reflects illness.
  • Sign of coughing, sneezing, or congestion; unrelated to normal allergies.
  • Close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid!


(Subject: ATown Health Check - Player Name - Program)

Covid Protocols for attending Atown Functions, Facilities, Programs

Covid Protocols for those Participants entering any Atownvb facilities during program/conclusion and exiting:


  1. ONLY Participants allowed into facility during program.


  1. No parents/families/drivers allowed inside; you must drop off and wait outside or return at the end of session for outside pick-up. If there is an emergency please call (864-221-9244) and we will escort the child out. TRYOUT policy we will allow one parent/guardian to enter the check in area, then when player enters gym we ask parent/guardian to exit facility.


  1. All paperwork must be completed and signed before session: 
  • Risk of liability form 
  • Screening form (first time participating in program only). 
  • An additional screening form may be requested after holiday breaks, or weekends.


  1. Players Must enter & exit through designated Entrance Only. Players allowed only in designated areas marked before/during/after session until given directions.


  1. Upon entering facility each participant must sanitize hands, wear mask, and receive a (non touch thermometer) temperature check. Everyday (99* or below allowed)


  1. There will be no wandering before/during/after practices. Players will stay in their designated area and only permitted to use the bathrooms etc with permission.


  1. Specified areas for bags/personal belongings will be marked. Assigned court side along wall spread out by 6ft- Their name will placed on tape on the wall/floor and this is where they will keep their belongings.


  1. Players must sanitize hands upon entering the facility and in between drills. There will be no close huddles during session. Participants will break for water and return to marked spots on baseline for further instruction.
    NOTE: Equipment will be sanitized before session, during each break, and at the conclusion of session.


  1. Players must bring their own water bottle - with name on it and they will be placed in designated area. They will not be allowed to drink out of water fountain only to fill up water bottle.


  1. MASKS: Players will be required to wear masks on entry of facility, keeping it on during breaks and while not on the court. While on court participating in an active drill or activity, performance training, or play the player may take mask off. During any down time for instruction by staff all participants must wear mask.
    NOTE: ATown will be providing each ATown member with a face mask apart of their player gear packet. However, players are welcome to wear their own at practice. ATown mask required at tournaments.


  1. Tournament policies may very based tournament to tournament, be sure to review Covid policy packet given at program orientation for specifics in regards to this area of participation for parents and players.

Covid Refund Policy



  1. Refund policy does not include an individual player who may miss practices or tournaments, due to their inability to attend due to Covid restrictions. However, case by case can be visited upon request. Email:



  2. Refund policy for missed tournament by team due to Covid or if a tournament cancels event due to Covid ATown will give a full refund to team members based on % based divided between all team members for the tournament registration fee and coaches expense that were budgeted for tournament.


  3. Refund policy for season cut short due to CDC state rule, USAV or Palmetto Region decision, ATown will give a refund based on % divided between all team members for un-used practice days and coaches expenses budgeted. PLAYER GEAR PACKET including warm ups, game day shirt, practice shirts, mask, book bag, and other gear will not be refunded; Players keep them. Uniforms must be returned.

  4. NOTE: 2019/2020 season all expenses not used by ATown for facility rent, coaches pay, tournament fees, and tournament expenses, moneys budgeted were given 100% back to ATown participants.